Join us every friday night at 7pm !

Meet us at the Thirsty Monk – 33 AllĂ©e Jean-Jaures


Time to unwind at the end of the week..

Come join us for some English conversation and good company at the Thirsty Monk! We are a group of both French and international people of all ages and walks of life that meet up once a week to relax and unwind at the end of the week, all in English. If you’re a French person looking to practice your English or a foreigner looking to meet some locals who speak multiple languages, feel free to stop by and say hello!

We originally started as a recurring OVS English conversation event but have quickly grown into a place where you can stop in and have a drink with friends. You can still find our weekly event on the website under the title « English @ the thirsty monk ». There you can see some of the people who plan to be there this week!

The evening begins at 7 pm and one of our hosts will always be there by that time but feel free to come whenever you can. Everyone is welcome, regardless of English level, but be aware that there are native or fluent speakers. Don’t be shy, speak up, and meet some interesting new people.

If you want to contact us for information, or to confirm which host to look for that evening, you can email us at


Pub - Coffee Shop - Sport Bar

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The Thirsty Monk is located in the city centre


There are a number of friendly hosts for this event. There is usually at least one of them there to look after the group, however sometimes they can’t make it. You can still find the group though, just listen out for a large group of English speakers or ask the bar staff for the English group.